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Teaching God’s Word clearly, accurately and relevantly

The Need
People today are biblically illiterate. Our churches are filled with those who are an “inch deep” in their faith because of a lack of knowledge of the Word of God. Because they have no solid foundation, people’s spiritual lives are stagnant and they are cut off from God’s power in their lives. They lack confidence to stand strong, because they are unfamiliar with the Bible and its life-transforming message. On a broader level, our churches are impotent. Because the Word of God is rare, there is a spiritual famine in the land. We have reduced “spirituality” to legalism, involvement in activities, or emotionalism. Evangelism is neutralized because Christians do not know their own faith.

Our Mission
Our goal is to teach the Bible as it is to people as they are. We desire to build people up
through laying a solid foundation of the Word of God, to strengthen Bible knowledge,
and to promote biblical truth in our churches. In short, we want to bring people back to
the Bible.

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