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What People are saying about Back to the Gospels

What People are saying about Back to the Gospels
Henry Oursler is a gifted communicator. These concise, rich daily journeys in Back to the Gospels unpack eternal truths that “stick with you” all day – just what I need!
-Dr. Carlton Miller, physician, Durham, NC

I like the Gospel-focus of this book which takes the person who uses it back to the basic essentials of how to live one’s life in a vital relationship with God. It could easily be used for small groups as well as by individuals. Pastors and disciple makers, alike, will find it to be an excellent resource in their ministries.
-Dr. Charles McGowan, Pastor Emeritus, Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN; Founder and President, McGowan Search

As I move through God’s word in study and reflection, I sometimes get focused on the writer and the events that reveal God’s nature and hand to me … but Back to the Gospels really helped me focus solely on Jesus and His ministry to ME. Thanks for your thoughtful insights and your easy to understand writing style. It’s been a blessing.
-Bill Nunez, real estate broker, Ft. Myers, FL

Christianity is Christ; the Bible’s message is centered in the Person and Work of Christ. Right after His resurrection Jesus taught His disciples that all of the Scriptures spoke about Him (Luke 24:27). Back to the Gospels will guide you into a deep study and meditation of this Jesus, His life, ministry and redemptive work that will renew your trust and confidence in this faithful Savior and Lord.
-Dr. Dominic Aquila, New Geneva Seminary, Colorado Springs, CO

A huge issue is so many of our lives is that we tend to function in our own strengths rather than in dependence on Jesus Christ. Back to the Gospels has helped me to truly enhance my relationship with Jesus Christ and to live in accordance with the Gospel.
-Nolen Rollins, President, Kingdom Mobilization, Estero, Florida

There are a lot of study guides to choose from … but only a handful that are truly great. Henry Oursler’s Back to the Gospels is definitely in the ‘great’ category. It is timely, relevant, practical, biblical, thought provoking, and very insightful. It is fuel for the soul … it is an investment for both your heart and mind.
-Ron Ralston TightRope Communications, Erie, Colorado

In Back to the Gospels, Henry Oursler takes a fresh approach to the Gospels to communicate a practical message that packs power and has great insight for every believer. Whether you are new to the Christian faith or have been walking with Christ for many years, you will be inspired and challenged through this fifty day journey that will indeed enhance your relationship with Him.
-Todd Milby, Mission Pastor, Summit Church; Director, The Infinity Alliance, Estero, FL

We all want our lives to have a solid foundation. Dr. Henry Oursler has provided a way for us to develop a strong spiritual foundation in his new Bible study, Back to the Gospels. Living on the west coast, I have discovered there is a profound lack of Biblical knowledge. This study will aid my men’s small group to grasp core principles regarding Jesus Christ and the Christian walk.
-Dr. Robert Trent, ophthalmologist, Shasta Eye Center, Redding, CA

Back to the Gospels is really back to reality. The words of Jesus are timeless. The words of Jesus spoken 2,000 years ago are rife today. Take time to enjoy my colleague, Dr. Oursler’s fine book. Think through the words of Jesus. Wrestle through His words. Interact on His words with others. Live out His words. This will drive you back to reality!
-Greg Kappas, The Timothy Initiative, West Palm Beach, FL

Back to the Gospels has been a wonderful tool for my wife and me as we lead a church small group. We reviewed other popular studies, but when our group looked at the Back to the Gospels book, they loved it. They liked the easy-to-read text, the ample space for comments, biblical references, and applications. This book will be a valuable resource for small groups, Sunday School, spending 50 days reading and learning more about Jesus Christ. The contents are true to the Word of God, using Scripture as the source of all the contents. Highly recommended!
-Charlie and Nancy Atwell, Raleigh, NC

Dr. Henry Oursler in his book Back to the Gospels has presented a wonderful tool to help people discover or rediscover the beauty and heart of Jesus. Henry’s ability to take the depth of God’s Truth and convey it in such a practical way is amazing. This devotional has personally encouraged and challenged me in my personal walk and journey with Christ. I am taking my men’s small group through this study!
-Orlando Cabrera, Elder/Teaching Pastor, Summit Church, Estero, FL

Back to the Gospels is an excellent resource to lead the Body of Christ back to the Gospels! We are looking forward to a church-wide participation of this daily study guide this fall in our church. Dr. Oursler has spoken frequently in our church and our people are eager to study the essence of the Gospels again.
-Nolen Rollins, Pastor, Legacy Church, Estero, Florida

I would highly recommend Henry Oursler’s “Back to the Gospels” study journal as a key foundational tool for a new convert as well as an excellent refresher for a more experienced believer. I only wish that other Christian authors wrote with the same straightforward, practical clarity that Henry exhibits. A must read for anyone who takes their spiritual journey seriously!
-Jeffrey P. Basik, M.B.A., President, Lexington Investments & Insurance Group, Inc.,
Estero, FL

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