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Jesus said we cannot live by food alone. Life is much more than simply physical – it is deeply spiritual. And to understand the spiritual dimension of life, we need truth. We need the truth of God’s Word (Matthew 4:4).

That’s what Bringing Truth to Life is all about: taking God’s Word as it is and bringing it to people as they are. Through books, articles, video and audio recordings, we teach God’s Word clearly, accurately and relevantly.


Change I recently heard Seth Godin (of Linchpin fame) talk about change. It prompted some thoughts in my mind about what’s going on in our culture. Change is happening quicker and more violently than ever before. Here are some categories and examples: People hanging on to tradition: We wear sports coats because they did in …

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Alone With God

Alone with God Someone recently asked Rick Warren to give one of the secrets that he believed had made him successful in ministry. He responded, I give God the best part of my day. In Ephesians 6:18 Paul says we are to pray with “all prayer and petition.” The Greek word translated “prayer” (also in …

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Welcome to Bringing Truth to Life

Bringing Truth To Life Welcome to my blog. For the last thirty years, I’ve been consumed with a passion to communicate God’s Word clearly, accurately and relevantly. I’m not the best at it. Certainly there are others who are better. But I’ve got some thoughts, ideas and insights that I’ve gained along the way that …

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Henry Oursler Portrait

Put Up or Shut Up

Put Up or Shut Up Several months ago I had the privilege to worship at a large, mega-church in our area. The pastor spoke on the Great Commission. It was a good message, and I appreciated what he had to say. But I left with a very uneasy feeling. That uneasiness was caused because I …

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